Welcome to Mevasa MEVASA origins date back to 1979 when the company built its business closely linked to the manufacture of felts for padding in confection. MEVASA has bet heavily on developing new products and technologies, adapting daily to customer needs, by providing materials that meet the quality requirements in manufacture, control and implementation. Today, the range of products that MEVASA manufactures, includes a wide variety of non-woven felts or punching non-woven fabrics - Nonwovens-designed according to demand and specifications of our customers with wide range of characteristics for use in various industrial and commercial applications, such as within the family of Geosynthetics (Geosynthetics), geotextiles for construction. MEVASA have among our customers, the leading edge of the construction industry, mattresses, and automotive, which rely on MEVASA as it’s provider. Diseño y Hosting: soluziones.com Español [Legal and Privacy Policy] c/ Costa i Deu, 11-13 08205 SABADELL (BARCELONA) - Spain Fax: +34 93 727 86 87