[Apartado legal y Privacidad] Diseño y Hosting: soluziones.com GEOTEXTILES DESCRIPTION MEVASA produces a range of high quality non-wowen and termofixed, polyester and polypropylene geotextiles, for use with various applications.. FUNCTIONS Our geotextiles provide excellent technical performance and behavior in filtration, separation, reinforcement, drainage and protection in its different applications. We manufacture items from 120 to 2000 gr/m2 in polyester, polypropylene, etc. APLICATIONS Among its various applications, mainly highlights its use in construction, waterproofing and protection plates, sheet asphalt, soil treatment, such as plate separation and filtration auxiliary, and many more… TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS: POLYESTER Geotextile SPECIFICATIONS POLIPROPILENO Geotextile SPECIFICATIONS PRESENTATION The Geotextile rolls are bagged and palletized turn into groups of nine rolls. The standard manufacturing includes the following measures, which can be personalized to the needs of our customers (different widths, weights, lengths, etc ...): Products PROTECTION SEPARATION FILTRATION DRAIN g / m² 120 150 200 250 300 500 Roll Dimensions. Wide (m) 125 125 100 75 75 60 Length (m) 2 2 2 2 2 2 m² /Roll 250 250 200 150 150 120 MEVASA reserves the right to modify data without notice and referrals denies any responsibility in case of anomalies caused by the misuse of the product. Values reflected in the data sheet are average values of tests in laboratory. NON-WOVEN FELTS (VARIOUS) GEOTEXTILES Español c/ Costa i Deu, 11-13 08205 SABADELL (BARCELONA) - Spain Fax: +34 93 727 86 87 [Legal and Privacy Policy]